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Meet you at the club!

Elvis train

The Parkes Elvis Festival at Parkes Services Club

Welcome to the centre of all Elvis action – the Parkes Services Club!

The Parkes Elvis Festival is held every year in the second week in January, coinciding with Elvis Presley’s birthday.


With close to three decades of the event gone down in hip swivelling history, the Festival continues to grow. Now more than 200 events across five gyrating, hair flicking, fun-filled days are included on the agenda.

Did you know Elvis loved a good club?

And so do Festival performers and visitors alike! The Parkes Services Club has a packed itinerary for Festival visitors to enjoy.


The Parkes Services Club is literally one of the coolest places in town during the Elvis Festival. Get “all shook up” with one of the many performances on the agenda and then cool down at the bar with an ice-cold drink.

The Club - a one stop refuel shop for groups of all sizes…

Don’t waste time and rocking energy trying to find great food and drink. Festival goers “can’t help falling in love” with the Club’s coffee shop, bar and bistro.


Consistently a great place for groups large and small to refuel, the coffee shop and bar will be open from 9.30am Wednesday to Friday and 10am Saturday and Sunday. The bistro is open for lunch and dinner.

Check out the Parkes Services Club Elvis Festival Program HERE!

The Hard Luck Lounge

Wednesday 9th Jan

12.00pm       Nigel Stanley

  1.10pm       Terry Leonard

  2.20pm       Rick Charles

  3.30pm       Arthur Cromer

  4.40pm       Johnny Lee Memphis

  6.00pm       Amitie

  8.10pm       Terry & Nigel

  9.20pm        Marcus Jackson

10.30pm        Arthur Cromer

Thursday 10th Jan

12.00pm       Arthur Cromer

  1.10pm       Mike Tsama

  2.20pm       Nigel Stanley

  3.30pm       Sheryl Sharkie

  4.40pm        Terry Leonard

  5.50pm        Marcus Jackson

  7.00pm       Johnny Lee Memphis

  8.10pm       Matt Birse

  9.20pm       Rick Charles

10.30pm       Ross Mancini

Friday 11th Jan

12.00pm       Sheryl Sharkie

  1.10pm       Ross Mancini

  2.20pm       Arthur Cromer

  3.30pm       Marcus Jackson

  4.40pm       Kingsley Rock

  5.50pm       Terry Leonard

  7.00pm       Rick Charles

  8.10pm       Matt Birse

  9.20pm       Johnny Lee Memphis

10.30pm       Nigel Stanley

11.40pm       Mike Tsama

Saturday 12th Jan

11.00am       Mike Tsama

12.10pm       Nigel Stanley

  1.20pm       Lemvis

  2.30pm       Arthur Cromer

  3.40pm       Rick Charles

  4.50pm       Marcus Jackson

  6.00pm       Johnny Lee Memphis

  7.10pm       Terry Leonard

  8.20pm       Sheryl Sharkie

  9.30pm       Matt Birse

10.30pm       Kingsley Rock


Sunday 13th Jan

11.00am       Nigel Stanly

12.10pm       Lemvis

 1.20pm       Amitie

3.30pm        Rick Charles

4.40pm       Matt Birse

6.00pm       Terry Leonard

 7.10pm       Johnny Lee Memphis

 8.20pm       Marcus Jackson

9.30pm       Kingsley Rock

10.30pm       Finale


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